Raging Through The Thick And Heavy Darkness Or a Bloodlust

Good evening.

Both Visions Magazin AND Rock Sound are streaming the first song from our new ep ‘Black Everything’. Have a listen and let us know what you think. It’s a banger so listen LOUD!




You can preorder the record here:

UK: http://www.lovefrombeachcommunity.com/store
EU: http://unclem.merchcowboy.com/apologies-i-have-none.html

Cheers, friends.



black everything

Easy. Our brand new EP ‘Black Everything’ is available for preorder.

One sided 12″ black vinyl with black silkscreened B-side, black cover, black inner sleeve, black labels, 4 songs.

1. Raging Through The Thick And Heavy Darkness Of A Bloodlust

2. Two Bombs In A Box

3. Coffee, Alcohol, Codeine, Repeat

4. The Clarity Of Morning

Release date: 9th May (EU) & 12th May (UK)

Preorder it now and check out the EP & merch bundles from 




EP: http://unclem.merchcowboy.com/lp/apologies-i-have-none-black-everything-ep-12.html

EP&Bag: http://unclem.merchcowboy.com/lp/bundle-aihn-black-everthing-ep-12-beutel.html

Shirt-Bundle: http://unclem.merchcowboy.com/lp/apologies-i-have-none-shirt-bundle.html


We’ve been quite quiet for a short while but not slacking. The last few months have been spent writing, recording, then rewriting and rerecording demos for a load of new songs. This brings us onto the good news. We’re going into the studio next week to record some of these songs which we’ll be releasing as an EP with the beautiful people at Beach Community (UK) and Uncle M Records (GER). WE’RE FINALLY GOING TO HAVE SOME NEW SONGS!
As we like to keep everything balanced there is unfortunately some bad news. We are extremely sad to say that Dan has left Apologies and will no longer be touring or recording with us. There’s no drama though, we’re sure he’ll be back in the game with something new soon. BONDY!!!

Make sure you come and see us play and grab the new EP when it’s released.


23rd April – Underworld, London (w/Listener)
30th April – Uncle M Fest, Munster
1st May – Pirate Satellite Fest, Hamburg
2nd – 3rd May – Groezrock
4th May – Pirate Satellite Fest, Stuttgart
8th May – The Sugar Factory, Amsterdam (w/I Am The Avalanche
31st May – Camden Rocks, London
12th – 14th June – Greenfield Festival, Switzerland
20th – 22nd June – Hurricane & Southside Fests, Germany
25th July – Food For Your Senses Fest, Luxembourg
26th July – Riez Open Air, Germany

For tickets to all shows: www.apologiesihavenone.co.uk/shows




Photos by Marco Christian Krenn / mck-photography.com




Thanks to everyone who came out to Reeperbahn in Hamburg and watched our set. It was a great way to finish doing shows for the year. We have a lot to sort out for the rest of the year and lots to do with regards to writing and recording, but we’ll keep updating so you know we haven’t disappeared.

Thanks, and see you next year.