Monthly Archives: May 2009

>’What the fuck is this shit?’

>Ben Patashnik at NME has written an article about us on his blog “Notes From the Underground”. Have a read here: Favourite line: I put their latest EP ‘Two Sticks And Six Strings’ on the office stereo and as … Continue reading

>Green Green Mabley Green is now streaming.

>The second song we’re streaming from our EP is now up on the myspace: You can still buy it though!! Mabley Green is a patch of grass in Hackney mostly used for walking dogs and for big football sessions … Continue reading

>Bristol footage

>I spaff too much shit.

>In slightly unrelated news…

>This video was shot in Switzerland, in a resort called Davos, right up in the Mountains. Its PJ and Gaby as a full-band, with me and Josh playing drums and bass. The new stuff Pj and Gaby have been writing … Continue reading