Monthly Archives: November 2009

>Forget the LHC

>Proof that Black Holes exist, on earth. The LHC is now a waste of time. This is a really scary photo of me. I look like The Grudge. Plus, Joe, being handsome, below. When we do a horrible band photo … Continue reading

>Fighting a Crystal.

>Not long after I moved to London I was coming home from work with a friend and got on a train from Stratford to Homerton, which is a particularly untrendy part of Hackney. It’s the sort of place where people … Continue reading

>The Homestead

>The Homestead in Southampton is awesome. I figured I would just get straight to the point today, I don’t feel like beating around any sort of bush and building up to anything. I’m just not in that “lets get some … Continue reading

>Before I forget

>This is Josh. Rubbing the Belly of a MANATEE. Amazing.