Monthly Archives: July 2010

>Manchfester weirdness.

>Ema decided it would be cool to film our whole set at the Manchester show so she set the camera up, worked out the sound levels and placed the camera at a great angle to view the show. Except she … Continue reading


>The first chord in the first second of our set in Manchester saw a surge of people bash into our guitars and knock them out of tune. Perhaps moving the mics into the room was a bad idea, we quickly … Continue reading

>Drunk Girls Love Me!

> So I get the e-mail – we’re doing kareoke and I have to be in soho straight from work to get drunk and celebrate a birthday. I totally forgot about this. I’m sitting at work in the clothes I … Continue reading

>New shirts.

> Hi. Happy Tuesday. My ears are ringing today – we practiced all Sunday, all yesterday and then I went to the Old Blue Last in east London to watch a show. As if my brain doesn’t get bombarded enough … Continue reading