Monthly Archives: March 2011

>Leeds > Glasgow

>LeedsI’m sitting in the back seat of the van, everyone is buying lunch in an Asda that feels far too familiar and I am wondering why I am always entirely wrong when I think about how a show might go. … Continue reading

>28th March – Bristol w/ Chixdiggit

>Hi. Our show on the 28th is no longer in Derby. We jumped on the Bristol Chixdiggit show at the Croft. We’ll be on around 10. Dan

>Manchester and Liverpool

>ManchesterI was planning on skating before the show but it never happened. Late night shit talking seemed to be the priority the night before and lay-ins killed what little enthusiasm I had for getting moving. The show was standard Manchester … Continue reading


>Nottingham.I would have been happy to go on tour a day later, it seemed there was so much still to do that I really should have sorted weeks ago. That feeling of leaving something behind hasn’t left me. The show … Continue reading